We have machinery park and technologie ables to do any kind of processing for best quality.

Manual Production

Our extensive machinery park makes it possible to mould foam products in flexible polyurethane and integral self-skinning polyurethane, also available in coloured versions. When producing flexible polyurethane foam items, special moulds are used to guarantee the precise positioning of the internal structures, whether they are made of metal, wood or plastic.
 The polyurethane systems used do not contain any harmful substances, in accordance with all environmental regulations, and comply with the main fire safety standards such as CL1 IM, Technical Bulletin 117, M4 and BS 5852 Crib 5. Thanks to our computerized systems, the hardness and elasticity of foam items can also be varied to satisfy all comfort needs.

Fully automated Production

A fully automated line with 32 stations has been designed and built to serve the company’s specific needs and can reach a production capacity of 2,000 pieces/day.
 The polyurethane systems used here also comply with the main fire safety standards.

Integral Foam

A.B.Emme Flex has 7 lines for integral self-skinning polyurethane foam.
Compared to flexible foam items, integral foam products stand out for their tear-resistant outer skin and soft inner structure with extremely small cells that show the high density of this type of material.
Colours for our integral foam can be chosen individually from the RAL colour range.

Packaging and Storage

Newly produced foam products require a high degree of shrewdness when it comes to packaging and storage. 
In order to prevent damage to the products, A.B.Emme Flex uses not only made-to-measure boxes, but also, where possible, standard or customized trolleys.

Foam trimming

Mould details are finished off by highly specialized personnel in the trimming department.

Quality Control

Few companies carry out hardness tests in accordance with the parameters regulated by standard ISO 2439, as they require special instruments made specifically for this purpose.
 Our quality control staff also monitor the production process to check that there are no defects such as air bubbles or irregularities in terms of function or size.